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Heads Up for the new update!

Developer spencerelliott gave us a little heads up for the upcoming update, check it out! +1000 button A +1000 button will now appear if you have enough gold to level up a hero 1000 times. Perma-shadow clone The build with perma-shadow clone re-enabled has been sent to Apple and now, unfortunately, we must play the waiting game. War cry fix… Read More »

New Tap Titans Update!

Okay, here wo go folks. Gamehive just released a new Tap Titans update for iOs and Android. Let’s see what we got: 3 New heroes: Jackalope, Pixie, and Dark Lord Refreshing active skills cool down is now in perks instead of pressing the skill button. (When you tap a used skill, you’re waiting for the timer to go… Read More »

New Tap Titans Game Mode? HYPE!

Check out the latest post from Gamehive about a new Tap Titans game mode! We can only speculate about the new mode. The only information we got is that the new mode is designed to help players out to reach the new maximum stage of 2500. Although we really liked the challenge so far, we think this might… Read More »

Tap Titans Beginner Guide

Tap Titans is a beautiful game – no question. But when it comes to gameplay there are certain points where especially new players may feel like a bit confused. So let us tell you a few things to make your life easier in the game. Incremental games Tap Titans is an incremental game in its core like Bitcoin… Read More »

The Tap Titans Headquarter is online

Hello world, the number one resource for the beautiful mobile game called Tap Titans is now online. We present you everything needed to enjoy the game as much as possible. Of course, this is not an official site and definetely not related with Gamehive. We have basic information, guides, tips & tricks, tools, easter eggs and a lot… Read More »