Heads Up for the new update!

By Ben | May 5, 2015
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Developer spencerelliott gave us a little heads up for the upcoming update, check it out!

+1000 button

A +1000 button will now appear if you have enough gold to level up a hero 1000 times.

Perma-shadow clone

The build with perma-shadow clone re-enabled has been sent to Apple and now, unfortunately, we must play the waiting game.

War cry fix

We will also be including a fix for War Cry that should stop your phone from melting when levelled up.


The multiplayer feature has been completed and now we are doing some internal testing before releasing it to the public. We will be releasing the feature for Android at first, as an initial rollout. This will help us find any server bugs or issues before everyone starts to use the feature. Perma-shadow clone will not be included in the build for Android until the iOS version has been approved so don’t worry about any advantages/disadvantages. Since the balancing is a little bit different between the two versions, Android and iOS users will be separated during tournaments until the new version is out for both platforms.

Windows Phone

The Windows Phone release is being uploaded as I type this. It should be in the store very soon. Don’t worry Windows Phone users, we haven’t forgot about you!

Amazon update

The Amazon Appstore will be receiving the same version as the Google Play store. It will be uploaded at the same time as the Google Play store version. Unfortunately, we also have a waiting time for Amazon, but it should only be about a week at max.


Source: spencerelliott

One thought on “Heads Up for the new update!

  1. martin

    Ok so there is now a multiplayer …. i have 4 people on my list ….can I only add them when there online and NOT in a party them self …..I’ve had invites but can’t invite anyone ..is this the reason…Please someone help me lol


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