New Multiplayer Update!

By Ben | May 8, 2015

Gamehive just released their new multiplayer update, check it out!

With this update, you will be able to access the new multiplayer feature. Now you can tap along with up to two other friends.

Party and chat

To access your friends list, tap on the new ‘Social’ button on the top left of the screen (beside the Options button). You can either link your Facebook account (allowing you to import your Facebook friends who also play Tap Titans) or add friends manually using our simple friend code system. Once you have some friends, you can chat and invite them to a multiplayer party.

Friends of friends

Only have one friend online, but you want a full party? Your friend can also invite someone to your party even if you don’t have them on your friends list! You will be given the chance to add them to your friends list from the party list once they join the party.

Tap damage

Taps sent from friend’s devices will act as an extra tap against the monster you are currently fighting. This means they will deal the same tap damage as your player hero. When farming monsters, your friends will do 100% of your tap damage. When fighting bosses or participating in a dungeon, your friend’s taps will only do 10% of your tap damage.

Make it Rain and Power of Holding

When using the ‘Make it Rain’ skill while in a party, you will share the wealth with your friends in the party. Each friend in your party will receive 10% of their own ‘Make it Rain’ amount. Additionally, if you use the Power of Holding, your held taps will also be sent to your friends.


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8 thoughts on “New Multiplayer Update!

  1. Cary

    Is the multiplayer mode available update for iOS as well. I haven’t seen it if it is.

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  3. Vertinog

    I would love an option to turn off the posting to Facebook every time I log into the game. It is very annoying.

    1. Ben Post author

      i’d like to refer to this post. This is not an official site and we are not related with Gamehive. You have to address this issue directly to Gamehive.

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