New Tap Titans Game Mode? HYPE!

By Ben | March 19, 2015

Check out the latest Facebook post from Gamehive about a new Tap Titans game mode!

We can only speculate about the new mode. The only information we got is that the new mode is designed to help players out to reach the new maximum stage of 2500. Although we really liked the challenge so far, we think this might be a good step towards encouraging more and more players to play the game to its full potential.

Ben & Kyle

2 thoughts on “New Tap Titans Game Mode? HYPE!

  1. sorarikux

    Im so courious about, what is the meaning of the icon in the top right corner of each costume of tap titan eqiupment. Please answer my question.. soo much fun with the game

    1. Ben Post author

      Those icons are visual indicators to which set each item belongs. So if you collect all items of the same set your character looks like a knight or whatever.


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