Artifact Tier List

TIER 1 – This game is about maximising the number of relics you collect in the time you play, and these relics will help you achieve that more than the others.

  • Undead Aura (bonus relics from prestige)
  • Worldly Illuminator (decrease monsters per stage)
  • Death Seeker (critical chance)
  • Hero’s Thrust (critical damage)
  • Drunken Hammer (tap damage)
  • Tincture of the Maker (increase artifact %dmg)

TIER 2 – Good bonuses which make the game less of a grind.

  • Knight’s Shield (boss gold)
  • Ogre’s Gauntlet (Shadow Clone Duration)
  • Overseer’s Lotion (Shadow Clone cool down)
  • Crown Egg (Chesterson chance)
  • Chest of Contentment (Chesterson gold)
  • Crafter’s Elixer (increase gold)

TIER 3 – Not quite as good as Tier 2, but still useful bonuses to have.

  • Ring of Wonderous Charm (upgrade cost) (explanation here for why it’s not Tier 2)
  • Axe of Resolution (Berserker Rage Duration)
  • Barbarian’s Mettle (Berserker Rage cool down)
  • Future’s Futune (increase gold)

TIER 4 – The bonus on these artifacts aren’t very useful, however they don’t have a level cap which means that they can be a good source of +%dmg.

  • Amulet of Valrunes (monster gold)
  • Ring of Opulence (Hand of Midas duration)
  • Divine Chalice (chance for 10x gold)
  • Parchment of Importance (Critical Strike duration)
  • Universal Fissure (War Cry duration)

TIER 5 – These are the ones I’d salvage if I got them early in the game. Their bonuses aren’t very useful, and they all have a level cap which limits the +%dmg you can get from them.

  • Warriror’s Revival (hero revive time)
  • Sacred Scroll (Critical Strike cool down)
  • Savior Shield (boss time)
  • Dark Cloak of Life (boss life)
  • Hunter’s Ointment (War Cry cool down)
  • Saintly Shield (Heavenly Strike cool down)
  • Laborer’s Pendant (Hand of Midas cool down)
  • Outerworldly Armor (hero death chance)

Source: bgorgor