Acquiring Jaqulin

At this point in the game you really need some patience. Getting Jaqulin is really hard so don’t give up too easily! Since there are many ways to approach Jaqulin depending on what artifacts you have there isn’t really a strict order on what to level up next. However check out the following guide from chozemy and feel free to send us your own ideas at : [email protected]

Hello, just now i reached Jaqulin for second time. Here have some tips needed to reach it.(added more precised info, i perfectioning the guide some more)

I have +64k all damage.

In stage 1000 Just need to lvl up mohacas to lvl 350-400 approximated, then evolve chester, and center only on chester to break lvls easily.

On stage 1200 you be able to have chester apprpximated lvl 1350-1400 and mohacas lvl 600-700.

On stage 1230 you need to have Chester approximated in lvl 1450-1500, and i recommend using your money to up all the others more to lvl 2000(bonus relics) and all skills minus warcry, your warcry need yo be lvl 1 to avoid the high lag amount. In that stage i used all the skills and reach 1245 approximated.

Later, on 1245, i upped first all my skills, minus warcry,used again the skills to reach 1255.

Upping chester to 1560

Upping mohacas to 800

Then grinding some chester (for me it’s hard because i only have drunken hammer lvl 89 and hero thrust lvl 80) and you got it!!! Enjoy 400 more lvls.

Sorry if that is confusing you, that’s my first guide

Actualization: added my artifact list.

Crown egg lvl 80

Hunter ointment Max

Ogre gauntlet lvl 76

Savior shield Max

Ring of wondrous charm Max

Divine chalice lvl 40

Barbarian mettle Max

Otherwordly armor Max

Wordly illuminator Max

Chest of contentment lvl 80

Crafter elixir lvl 34

Future fortune lvl 35

Drunken hammer lvl 90

Hero thrust lvl 80

Death seeker Max

Unread aura lvl 85

Axe of resolution lvl 60

Tincture of the maker lvl 33

Parchment of importance lvl 60

Amulet of valrunes lvl 23

Laborer Pendant Max

+67668% all damage

Next artifact costs 32,22K relics