Tap Titans Customization

With the update to 2.1.0 gamehive released a new feature that lets you customize your hero for bonuses and appearence.

You can access the Tap Titans Customization by clicking on your main character on the first tab, just like you would change his name. There are currently 6 different tabs for clothing and weapons where you can change see what kind of customizations you already have. There a 4 factors that determine what you can already use:

  • Max. stage you reached
  • How many Tournament Points you got
  • How many times you have prestiged
  • And how much diamonds you want to spent

So, you can unlock new customizations through prestiging, reaching higher stages, gaining tournament points or by spending diamonds. The important thing to know is that everything you unlock will stack for:

  • All Damage %
  • Critical Damage %
  • Gold Dropped %
  • Chest Gold %
  • Critical Hit %
  • Tap Damage %

So whatever you choose to wear, e.g. sword or umbrella or what kind of hat or t-shirt is just for cosmetics. Everything you unlock gives you direct bonus stats! We made some images to show you: