Easter Eggs

Tap Titans offers some nice little easter eggs that we wanna share with you!

  1. The “Calculator Mode” If you are addicted as much as we are this little feature might help you out to even play Tap Titans at work! Simply click the settings button in the top left corner and press “Calculator Mode”. For everyone else it looks like you’re using a calculator but you can actually play the game now by just tapping all over the numbers. It also shows your current dps and lets you know when a fairy is around.
  2. If you have no idea what a good name for your hero is check out the following “name codes” which will surprise you with some funny changes to the game.
  • “Cheater” – Turns your damage into “ERROR”. If you wanna get rid of that simply rename yourself to “Clear”
  • “Robot” or “Computer” – Turns your damage into 0’s and 1’s.
  • “Silver” – Turns your gold coins into silver coins.
  • “Tiny” – Makes the monsters smaller.
  • “Frozen” / “Elsa” – Snow in the Background.
  • “Poop” – Your character farts from time to time

If you find more easter eggs you’d like to share contact us via [email protected]