Tap Titans – A beautiful tap to win roleplaying game

In a distant land, there are monsters called titans, and you are called upon as the hero that will be able to rid the world of these beasts. Armed with your mighty sword along with the help of your allies, you have the ability to destroy these titans and send them back to where they came from.


Tap Titans is a tap to win game where in players control a character that will strike at enemies each time you tap the screen. Monsters will come in quick succession and the goal is to kill them all by depleting their health. Coins can be earned will then allow you to upgrade your ability to deal damage as well as new special abilities. Heroes may also purchase to help you out in dealing with monsters. Proper upgrades and consistent tapping are the two keys in progressing faster within the game.

Gold and Diamonds are the two currencies available within the game. Heroes generate gold for you if you are not playing the game, and chests from fairies that fly by from time to time as well as drops from fallen monsters will also allow you to generate coins. Take note though, that coins earned for the latter two methods are random, but the general trend is that the higher the stage you are in, the more value each coin has. Coins are used for a variety of purposes such as leveling up your character, purchasing and upgrading skills, as well as unlocking and leveling up heroes.

Diamonds, on the other hand, are used to purchase perks within the game such as a large amount of coins or being able to dispatch of enemies more easily. Diamonds, being the premium currency within the game, is also much harder to come by, as the only ways to get this resource is by completing achievements or by paying for them using real cash.

Tap Titans is divided into several stages that have ten monsters each. Each stage also ends with a mini boss which must be defeated within a certain time limit. Otherwise, players will have to try and beat them again but not before trying to get stronger by killing less powerful minions. Stages are also divided in five, the end of which will require players to face off against the boss monster. Defeating this monster will then open up a new area as well as new monsters to encounter. Of course, the higher you go, the tougher your enemies will be, so make sure that you grind so that your character and accompanying heroes will be up to the challenge. Reaching specific stages will unlock more content which can help improve your gameplay.

Your main character can be upgraded in a variety of ways. Spending coins by leveling him up will also increase his damage per attack. Reaching certain levels will also unlock special abilities or skills that can be used as attacks or as buffs that will help out either you, your heroes, or both. Skills may be upgraded in order to make them more effective.

Skills can be activated after a certain cooldown time, so make sure to use them when needed only, specifically when facing tougher bosses. Cooldowns, however, can be sped up by spending diamonds. This will allow you to use them immediately after activation, removing wait times from the equation. Balance between upgrading your character and your heroes in order to maximize your DPS, or damage per second.

Heroes are non controllable allies that will help you in killing monsters. Different heroes may be unlocked and, like your character, they may also be upgraded in order to make them more valuable in the field. In addition, heroes may also be leveled up so that players can purchase and use heroes’ specific skills. Heroes, however, have passive skills which can benefit either themselves or the entire party permanently. Strategy would come into play when choosing as to which heroes you would like to level up especially since some skills would benefit damage while some would upgrade the amount of gold that you can gain.

At latter stages of the game, players will be able to discover artifacts which can then be converted to relics. These relics can then be turned into even more powerful weapons that you can use to become better fighters. Artifacts and relics will be made available once you reach past the 80th stage, and these will become more common once you have already leveled up your character to 600, after which the Prestige ability will be made available, which would in turn allow you to reset the game but with newer options and with some of your resources like diamonds kept with you.

Perks are special items that can be purchased using diamonds. Perks include coin awards, increased damage, and many more. There are also in-app purchases available within this section which would allow you to remove ads and the like. Perks are completely optional purchases. However, if you would want to spend your diamonds, choose the coins pack as this will greatly help in improving your team’s ability to do damage on a more permanent basis.

Various achievements can be completed within Tap Titans. Achievements include killing a certain amount of monsters, collecting a minimum amount of coins, collecting from fairies, and many more. achievements that have already been completed will reset a limited number of times, which will allow you to earn more rewards, although the requirements to complete the said achievement would increase as well. Rewards for completed achievements come in the form of diamonds, and this is the most optimal way to earn this resource if you do not want to exchange real money for it.

Source: David