Fairy Presents

Occasionally, a Fairy will fly onto the screen. By tapping it, the fairy will drop its chest and present you with a gift. The gifts that it gives include:

  1. Small amount of gold based on current stage – 1000% total monster gold
  2. Increase Tap Damage by current level of Berserker Rage skill (30 x skill level + 70)%  – 15 Seconds
  3. Increase Critical Change by current level of Critical Strike skill (3 x skill level + 7)%  – 15 Seconds
  4. Increase Hero Attack Speed by current level of War Cry skill (50 x skill level + 150)%  – 15 Seconds
  5. Clone Attacks with current level of Shadow Clone skill (3 x skill level + 7) times/sec– 15 Seconds
  6. +1 Diamond
  7. Ultimate Gold: Watch a short video to receive 5000% total monster gold
  8. Ultimate Hand of Midas: Watch a short video to receive 200% Monster Gold per tap, for 15 seconds; 1 monster gold is the value of One Gold Coin as dropped from a titan in the current stage.
  9. Diamonds: Watch a short video to receive 5 diamonds

If a video is declined no reward will be gained, this is not a problem if you disable fairy ads from making a purchase.

Source: wikia