General Tips and Tricks


  • Your heroes cannot die during the first 5 seconds and the last 5 seconds of a boss fight(NOTE: Shadow Clone counts as tapping), your heroes can’t die if you don’t tap NOTE: Heroes not dying when not tapping is unconfirmed, it may aswell be that it just lowers the chance of death.
  • Do not level your hero (As in the main hero) beyond level 600, the dmg gain is futile and you only need level 600 to be able to prestige. NOTE: Level your hero as much as you can afford when you are going to prestige as the relic per 1000 lvl applies to him aswell!
  • When you start getting to higher lvls you should keep war cry at lvl 1, otherwise it lags a lot and even if you don’t use it manually you sometimes get it from fairy chests.
  • You get 1 relic after the boss on lvl 80 and after every 10th level after that, as in you get 1 relic for the 80 boss, the 90 boss, the 100 boss etc.
  • If you want to activate Guardian Shield to keep your heroes from dying you should activate it as early as you can, the cost increases with your progress.
  • Prestiging during a tournament does NOT delete your tournament progress, it saves the highest lvl you have reached (Just confirmed this myself)

Salvaging Artifacts! Why?

Say that an artifact costs 10 and the one after that costs 20. If the one that cost 10 is bad and you don’t want it, you can salvage it and buy a new one for 10 instead of buying the next one for 20. The price of the next artifact always depend on how many artifacts you have.

The diamond cost of salvaging artifacts depends on HOW MANY artifacts you have, it’s recommended to salvage low tier artifacts as soon a s possible (Check artifact tier list below).

When to prestige.

It’s usually a good time to prestige as soon as your progress starts to go slow. If it starts going slow (As in that you have to farm 5-10 mins between every boss) You are better of prestige’ing to maximize your relic gain.

You also have to factor in the relic bonus breakpoints (which I believe) happens every 15 lvl after lvl 90. To simplify, there is a bigger jump in relic gain when prestiging every 15 lvls after lvl 90, so there is a bigger jump between lvl 104-105 then it is before 103-104.

You also gain 1 relic for every 1000th hero lvl you have at the point of prestiging, so lvl them up as much as you can before prestiging!

Last but definetly not the least, it is VERY VERY importent to only prestige when you have ALL your heroes alive as that will DOUBLE your relic gain.

How to level Heroes

The only reason to level the earlier heroes is just to gain the good effects, there is no point in leveling ex. Takeda to 800 (Unless you plan on getting past lvl 800) as the lvl 800 bonus is just a flat 10000% to him, which wont help you much at that point.

An easy way to check if the hero gives a global bonus or just personal buff is to check the stars on the upgrade icons under the heroes level, if there is a star there, it’s a global bonus, if there is no star, it’s just a bonus for THAT HERO. Example, check Takedas lvl 100 bonus, there is a star there! that means its a bonus that applies to everything and not just him, in this case its a 10% increase to ALL dmg.

Also note that if you evolve a hero, you lose all the bonuses you get from him and have to get them again! So keep that in mind before evolving as it affects different heroes more than others. Only evolve heroes if you need them to progress.

Source: Akaiko