Maximum relics

Maximize your relic gain per minute!

Many players are spending too much time grinding to get to the highest stage they can possibly get before they prestige.

Have a look at the following example from bgorgor .

It takes me 125 minutes to blaze through levels 1-1635. If I prestige at level 1635 I can get around 27k relics. That’s 216 relics per minute. The first 1635 levels take about 67.5 seconds for every 15 levels.

After 1635 levels, things start to slow down. To get to level 1650 the next 15 levels takes me about 115 seconds, but I get an additional 440 relics. That’s 229 relics per minute.

1650 to 1665 takes 121 seconds for 440 relics. 218 relics per minute.

1665 to 1680 takes 196 seconds for 450 relics. 138 relics per minute.

1680 to 1695 takes 347 seconds for 450 relics. 78 relics per minute.

1695 to 1710 takes 710 seconds for 460 relics. 39 relics per minute.

From this it’s pretty clear that it’s best if I prestige at level 1665, instead of spending another 20 minutes getting to 1710. Even though I’m still clearing 1 level per minute at 1710, I’m not getting anywhere near as many relics per minute as the first 1665 levels.

So whenever it’s taking more than a minute to clear a stage and you’re not anyway near the next upgradeable hero you should consider to prestige.