Beginners Guide

First Run

For your first run, you will want to be focusing on getting to at least stage 80 to unlock the ability to buy Artifacts. Well timed use of your skills and lots of grinding will get you to 80 in a few hours. You will want to get your Main Hero to 500 as soon as reasonably possible to have access to Hand of Midas. Hand of Midas will need to be used when you absolutely don’t want to spend 10-15 minutes farming to get past a boss.

The general idea for your first run is to get at least 4 relics so that you can purchase two artifacts and level them with any extras past 4 you got. Note: Remember to level up your lower heroes before you prestige to maximize your Hero Levels Relic Bonus!

Concurrent Runs

You will want to keep pushing yourself further and further every run. Do not spend a ton of time trying to do a “Deep Run” as the time you spend trying to get 5 stages further you could have gotten halfway through a new run. The only exception to this, is when you are within 5 stages of getting the next Stage Completion Relic bonus. The formula for that can be found in the Formulas section below.

Some good Artifacts to look for in the beginning are: Worldly Illuminator (Mostly for the huge All Damage boost the Artifact has and will help you push through earlier levels faster), Undead Aura (Will give you more relics when you Prestige), Tincture of the Maker (Super expensive to upgrade, but it’s +DPS% bonus applies to all Artifacts), and Drunken Hammer (Increases your Tap Damage by 20% per level. Later in the game, most of your damage will be from Tap Damage).

Some honorable mentions are the Duration and Cooldown Reduction Artifacts for the Main Hero Skills. They give the largest All Damage% boost (other than Worldly Illuminator) and the Hand of Midas, Berserkers Rage, and Shadow Clone skills are all amazing. Reducing the cooldown by 50% (Maximum for those Artifacts) and increasing the duration are super helpful to advancing through the tough walls in the game.


You may hear mention of in-game “Walls”. These are upgrade costs that are so large that it is virtually impossible to pass them the first few times you get to them. There are four large walls in the game that people have the most trouble passing. These are:

Eistor the Banisher -> Flavius and Oinksbjorn

This jump is the one that will probably cause the most players to quit playing. You will prestige 4-5 times before you can pass this wall and each of those runs will take you a few hours to complete. Depending on your Artifact luck and willingness to spend Diamonds, you could get past this in as little as 3 Prestige.

Flavius and Oinksbjorn -> Chester the Beast Tamer

A much easier wall to jump than the previous one. By the time you can afford Flavius, you know what does and doesn’t work and should have a good idea on how to maximize each of your runs. If you have one or two of the suggested Artifacts, you should be clearing this wall in 2-5 Prestige.

Chester the Beast Tamer -> Mohacas the Wind Warrior

Another wall that will test your love of the game. The jump from Chester to Mohacas is huge (pp to ww gold cost) and will take 4-7 Prestige depending on your luck with Artifacts. I used a large amount of Diamonds and got through it on my 12th Prestige.

Mohacas the Wind Warrior -> Jaqulin the Unknown

If you though the previous wall was a huge jump, prepare yourself. This jump goes from ww cost to e+111 (21 notations worth). After the zz notation the game switches over to a (currently broken) scientific notation. At 14 Prestiges, I am still capping out at around e+104. If you make it to this point, you are hooked and should have no issue grinding out 10+ Prestige to beat this wall.

Make sure to check out the awesome community guides on how to acquire Eistor, Flavius, Chester, Mohacas and last but not least Jaqulin!

Source: WIKI