Terminology and Features

You may notice while playing the game that certain things have vague or no description. Below some of the things you may have trouble understanding when you first start playing the game.

Tap Damage: Damage that is dealt when you tap the screen.

Hero DPS: Damage that is dealt periodically. It is based on any Heroes you have purchased and leveled up. Important to note, this damage is dealt as each individual hero attacks and NOT per second.*

Prestige: The level 600 Main Hero skill. This skill will soft reset the game and grant you relics based on the following: 1 per every 1000 hero levels, plus an amount for every 15 levels after level 75. This total is doubled if all of your purchased heroes are alive when you Prestige. When you use this skill it is important to note that you will lose all stage progress, all purchased heroes, and all main hero levels.

Global Skills: Passive boosts earned on some purchased heroes that are marked with a golden star. These boosts affect your total damage, total tap damage, and gold gained.

Relics: The currency earned to purchase ArtifactsRelics are gained from using the Prestige skill and 1 for every Main Boss (every 5 levels) you kill, starting at stage 80. The Main Boss relic is provided to you as soon as you kill them.

Artifacts: Items that are purchased with Relics that always provide an All Damage boost and one of a variety of other boosts. A link to the full list of Artifacts is provided at the bottom of the page.

Diamonds: The premium currency of Tap Titans. These are earned from Achievements, Fairy Bonuses, and In-App Purchases. They are used to Salvage Artifacts, activate a variety of special boosts, and revive Heroes.

Hero Death: When fighting a stage boss, your heroes have a chance of being killed. Currently, the exact formula to determine when a hero could be killed is unknown/not available. We do know that after approximately 10 seconds into the boss fight, your heroes have a chance to be killed by said boss. When a hero is killed, they do not contribute any of their bonuses or damage. You are given a prompt on death to revive them with Diamonds at a discount or revive them later at the full price. There is also a premium boost that will prevent heroes from being killed for 24 hours. Note: you will not receive your double relic bonus when using Prestige if any of your heroes are dead at the time of use

Fairy Bonus: Randomized boosts from chests that the Fairies will drop when you touch them. There are normal and Ultimate boosts in the chest and Ultimate boosts require you watch an Ad to receive the boost. The normal boosts are: Gold, 1 Diamond, 10/clicks per second Shadow Clone, 30% Critical Strike, War Cry, and Berserker Rage use. The Ultimate boosts are: Large Gold bonus, 5 Diamonds, and Ultimate Hand of Midas.

Treasure Chests: The game references Treasure Chests in some achievements and Artifact descriptions. These are the monsters named “Chesterson”. When you kill them, they drop a ton of gold compared to normal monsters.

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